Amazon Web Services Documentation on Your Kindle

That’s it—you just ran out of excuses for not RTFM

This may have been there for a while but I just noticed it today while looking up a few details about EBS volumes and snapshots: Amazon Web Services now offers Kindle and PDF versions of its documentation.

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The Death of Sarcasm

Necronom IV by H.R. Giger

Save us, Weyland-Yutani

Recently, I’ve been reading comments like this on way too many online discussions: “if any one company knows what’s best for humankind, that’s Weyland-Yutani.” /s.

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Procrastination and the Art of Getting Things Done

Go ahead, wander around: it will be fine

Procrastination is commonly perceived as wasting time on useless activities. I don’t see it that way. The Latin origin of the word and its modern definition agree—procrastination is moving something forward from one day until the next. There’s no mention of what you do today.

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