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Of Pelicans and Clouds

Golden piggy bank pig on black background
Golden piggy bank pig on black background by Thimo Pedersen

Thrift for solo operators

My monthly hosting bill for running this website has hovered around $0.52 for the past couple of years. The way I do it is an example of how I’m trying to survive without a conventional job while keeping my people and the cats fed. Especially the cats.

This is a short one but it contains a couple of tips for the shrewd ones and may save you some green.

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Fear Not the Age of the Blockchain

Love is in the air
Love is in the air by Banksy

Choices, emphases, and omissions

The Man is scared. The machine that pushes commuters into the guts of blocky edifices every morning and every day is marshaling its hordes to oppose a revolution that has no face, no headquarters, and no intentions of stopping.

The soldiers of the system are doing what they usually do best with their limited reasoning skills and abundant numbers: parrot whatever their commanders utter. Will it continue to work?

So it is like magic money?” “a rock, the actor?, a drawing of a rock for a million?” “a bubble, it’s a bubble!”

And their favorite these days: the environment. Of course, Mr. Big Oil and Bank, you’ve always worried about that, haven’t you?

No. This goes beyond magic, rocks and bubbles. This is about who’s in control, this is about us and them.

The age of the blockchain has only just begun.

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